John Schnatter Sells About $107.5 Million Worth Of Papa John’s Stock

Disgraced Papa John’s founder John Schnatter may not have much to do with the pizza delivery chain he founded, but even though he’s not CEO and chairman anymore, he is a substantial stockholder in the company, and he recently sold about $107.5 million worth of that stock. In a Fox Business interview, the man formerly known as Papa John […]

With No Major Network Job In Sight, Megyn Kelly Turns To Instagram

Once upon a time, the major network and cable news channels were hotly competing for Megyn Kelly. But things change quickly in the broadcasting world, and following the controversial remarks about blackface Halloween costumes that got her fired from NBC, she’s now taken her talents to Instagram. Kelly’s exit from NBC was a somewhat contentious one, but […]

Damon Dash Says He Can’t Pay $2,400 Debt, Gets Arrested For Unpaid Child Support

Things are not going well for Damon Dash, financially speaking. TMZ reported that Dash recently filed documents pertaining to an ongoing lawsuit in which he claims he’s so broke that he can’t pay off a $2,400 debt. And that was before he was  reportedly arrested over his failure to pay child support. Dash is in deep with […]

Ryan Reynolds Is Now Pitchman For Mint Mobile, As Well As Part Owner

Actor Ryan Reynolds has appeared in advertisements for his own Aviation Gin brand as well as the mobile smartphone game Toon Blast, and now he’s taken a partial ownership interest in “virtual” wireless carrier Mint Mobile as well. And this particular gig carries with it more responsibilities than just serving as a celebrity spokesman for the company as well, since he’s […]

Papa John Schnatter’s Wife Has Filed For Divorce

Yet another bump in the road for John Schnatter, better known to the public as the disgraced former face of pizza delivery chain Papa John’s, has been reported in the Louisville Courtier-Journal. Schnatter’s wife M. Annette Cox has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences in their relationship. Schnatter and his soon-to-be ex-wife had been married for 32 years. […]

‘A Christmas Story’ Actor Zack Ward Reveals How Much Money He Still Makes Off The Classic Movie

Net Worth This time of year, a staple of songs and movies get played on what seems like an incessant loop. ‘A Christmas Story’ is one of those movies. The 1983 film’s broadcast rights are held by Turner Broadcasting, and since 1997, the film is shown consecutively on TNT and/or TBS for 24 hours in […]

Damon Dash Has Been Hit With A $50 Million Sexual Battery Lawsuit

Producer and rap mogul Damon Dash is now facing a hefty lawsuit from a photographer who The Wrap reports is alleging that she was sexually assaulted by Dash inside his home, and she’s now seeking some $50 million in damages from Dash and various other entities (including Dash’s wife) who she says were partially responsible for the alleged assault. […]

Dennis Quaid Files To INCREASE His Monthly Child Support – Sort Of

It’s not unusual to read about a celebrity asking a judge to change their child support obligations. But Dennis Quaid has gone significantly against the grain with his recent request to actually increase his monthly payment, according to a TMZ report. And while he is indeed asking the court to increase his monthly child support payment, he’s also seeking […]

NBA Star Trae Young Helps Cancel Over $1 Million Of Medical Debt In Atlanta

Medical debt is a persistent and for some people unsolvable problem. But Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks recently made a decent dent in the issue in Atlanta, helping to cancel out more than a million dollars of medical debt that was weighing down residents of the city through a partnership with a non-profit organization called RIP […]