Chelsea Clinton Has Made $9 Million Since 2011, While On The Board Of An Internet Investment Company

Chelsea Clinton has reaped a healthy sum from her position on the board of an internet investment company in the last decade, Barron’s reports. Since 2011, Clinton has made a reported $9 million serving on the board of IAC (InterActiveCorp), which has ownership stakes in a plethora of high-value internet brands, like the video sharing platform Vimeo, dating […]

Akon Just Signed A Deal To Establish “Akon City” in Senegal

The history of hip hop is full of rappers expanding their brands to every conceivable field, but Akon may be the first rapper of all time to have an actual city named after him. Akon City, to be exact, as CNN reports that Akon has closed an agreement establishing the city in his home country of Senegal, where […]

Dwyane Wade Says This Was The Best Financial Advice He Ever Received

Retired NBA superstar Dwyane Wade has plenty of money now, but in a recent interview with Men’s Health he says that he’d be “a lot richer today” if he’d been financially smarter when he first got drafted in 2003. And he went on to share what he calls the best piece of financial advice he ever got, per a CNBC story […]

Charlie Sheen’s $200 Million Anger Management Gamble

***Update August 29*** Yesterday afternoon, Charlie and his crew officially taped their 50th episode of Anger Management. That means Charlie is halfway through his 100 episode goal that will make the show eligible for syndication. As we explain later in this article, thanks to a very lucrative and risky up front contract, once Charlie breaks the […]

How Much Money Did Mel Gibson Make From “The Passion Of The Christ?”

To the delight of Internet jokesters and smart-alecks everywhere, Mel Gibson recently made the announcement that he was working on a sequel to his film The Passion of the Christ. And why wouldn’t he? Gibson’s 2004 film was a surprise smash hit, thanks in large part to a huge, culture-wide controversy surrounding its extreme violence as well as accusations […]

Prince’s Sister Claims The Singer Had No Will For $300 Million Net Worth

No will? No problem. In the wake of the death of Grammy Award-winning singer Prince, many have wondered just who will be the recipient of the $300 million he left behind – and if he didn’t include a last testament with it, his fortune will be given to his sister, Tyka. When American singer and actor Prince Rogers […]

More Celebrity Donations Towards Coronavirus

Net Worth With the coronavirus pandemic exposing more cracks in our day-to-day society than most of us are used to, it’s an even better time than usual for those who are fortunate enough to have plenty to give a little more back. That includes, naturally, celebrities, many of whom have stepped up to make sizable donations towards […]